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This page contains the news archive providing links to the latest releases of Reliance's software modules, latest success stories, or many other articles.

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January 3, 2019Reliance 4, version 4.8.1
Reliance 4, version 4.8.1, has been released and is available in the Download section.

Success stories

February 11, 2019Food Cooling and Freezing at Kloosterboer, Netherlands
Visualization and control of the processes of cooling and freezing at Kloosterboer in the Dutch city of IJmuiden.

January 21, 2019Fruit Ripening, Inex Partners Oy, Finland
Visualization and control of the process of fruit ripening at the Finnish company Inex Partners Oy.


February 13, 2019Reliance Developer Day 2019
Hiflex, the exclusive distributor of the Reliance SCADA system in the Netherlands, in partnership with GEOVAP, will be hosting the 4th Reliance Developer Day – a one-day meeting of Dutch Reliance systems integrators.

January 28, 2019Integration of IP cameras and the Digifort IP surveillance system into Reliance SCADA
The Reliance SCADA system has native support for Axis, Vivotek, and Pelco IP cameras. If you cannot use these cameras, we recommend that you integrate your camera through the Digifort IP surveillance system. For instructions on how to integrate an IP camera into Reliance SCADA, refer to this article.

January 14, 2019FAQ: How to edit a file with an .rp4 extension
In version 4.8.0, the RP4 format was converted from INI to RDT (Reliance Data Table). This file is
non-text and the so-called RDT File Editor must be used to view and edit the file. This article shows you how to edit this file using the RDT File Editor.

January 4, 2019What's new in Reliance 4.8.1
After about six months, another official version of the Reliance SCADA/HMI system, version 4.8.1, has been released with many new features and enhancements. The major ones are summarized in this article.