Visualization and control of NR Cooling Services' concrete cooling plant in Turkey

April 8, 2019 | Reliance SCADA

NR Cooling Services is a Dutch company specializing in designing and building plants for concrete cooling.

Concrete cooling is a technique by which the temperature of poured concrete is reduced without affecting the quality of the concrete. Construction can then continue smoothly to a certain level. Concrete cooling is of great importance as concrete plays a crucial role in almost every building process. Houses, bridges, dams – none of these projects can ever be realized without concrete. Small amounts of concrete can be easily processed by mixing and pouring. After that, you just have to wait until the concrete has hardened. When this process is applied to large amounts of concrete in the same way, it is at the expense of quality. During the concrete curing process, heat is released. If the concrete is too hot or too cold, it negatively affects the crystal growth process. Concrete cooling is used mainly in countries with a warm climate and for projects that require large amounts of concrete or, also, for projects where large temperature differences can occur within the concrete structure.

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Control system

The Dutch company Chiron-tec B.V. has implemented a system for the control and visualization of the cooling process at NR Cooling Services' concrete cooling plant in Turkey (Yusufeli Dam). It consists of Siemens PLC and HMI devices and Reliance SCADA.

The system's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Control and monitoring of the cooling circuit
  • Control and monitoring of the ice makers, ice rakes, air blasting machines, and boilers
  • Communication and limited control of the chillers with another control system
  • Display and printing of trends
  • Email notification in case of an alarm

Examples of visualization windows

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Construction site, Yusufeli Dam

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