We greatly value all distributors, systems integrators, and end customers of the Reliance SCADA/HMI system. User satisfaction is our priority. We are therefore pleased to have the opportunity to publish feedback from customers of the Reliance SCADA/HMI system from around the world. Among others, the most frequently mentioned advantages are its high quality, reliability, favorable price, and excellent support. See for yourself what some of our partners have written about us.

Remco Schenk, product manager, Hiflex Automatiseringstechniek B.V.Quotation Marks

Reliance SCADA meets our high standards, there's no doubt about it

Hiflex Automatiseringstechniek has been the Dutch distributor of the Reliance SCADA system for twenty years. Our company only sells products of high quality and we can say without a doubt that Reliance SCADA meets our high standards. More and more companies in the Netherlands discover the benefits of this user-friendly SCADA software. We recommend Reliance to anyone who is looking for a SCADA/HMI system that is easy to use, reliable, complete, and price-friendly.

Remco Schenk | product manager | Hiflex Automatiseringstechniek B.V. | Netherlands

Vaclav Janoch, industrial processes department manager, ZATQuotation Marks

Reliable and well supported SCADA system

Our company, ZAT, is one of the largest systems integrators of SCADA systems in Czechia. We focus on large-scale supplies of control systems in the fields of nuclear power engineering, conventional power engineering, and industrial processes. For many years, we have also been the best systems integrator of Wonderware InTouch in Czechia. We were looking for an alternative to InTouch for smaller projects with more pressure on the price. We performed a review of available visualization systems in the market and decided to choose the Reliance SCADA system. We greatly appreciate its reliability, technical support, and pricing policy.

Vaclav Janoch | industrial processes department manager | ZAT | Czechia

Alvaro Mallol, managing director, Dicomat-Asetyc GroupQuotation Marks

Reliance is a very powerful SCADA/HMI system

Reliance is a very powerful SCADA/HMI system for both industrial processes and building automation. It is also very economical as license fees start from just 25 data points. Either through OPC or native drivers, Reliance can communicate with the main PLCs in the market.

Alvaro Mallol | managing director | Dicomat-Asetyc Group | Spain

Erim Yangin, technical manager, Halıcı Elektronik Ltd. Şti.Quotation Marks

I strongly recommend Reliance SCADA

Since 1990, we have used a lot of different types of SCADA software, but Reliance's quick project development, user-friendly interface, internal managers, and quick support are its important benefits. I strongly recommend Reliance SCADA.

Erim Yangin | technical manager | Halıcı Elektronik Ltd. Şti. | Turkey

Henk de Graaf, managing director, Industrial Automation GroupQuotation Marks

Well priced, well supported SCADA package

The Reliance SCADA package is well priced but, importantly, also well supported by the developers in Czechia. I can certainly recommend them.

Henk de Graaf | managing director | Industrial Automation Group | Australia

Michalis Yiallouris, general manager, G.M. Advantec ltdQuotation Marks

Reliable SCADA for the water distribution industry

GEOVAP has been our partner since 2009. The Reliance SCADA system proved to be very reliable in the water distribution industry in Cyprus. In addition, we have strong support from the team of the Reliance developers in Czechia. It is nice to work with you, people…

Michalis Yiallouris | general manager | G.M. Advantec ltd | Cyprus

Chris Christodoulou, technical superintendent, Larnaca Water BoardUvozovky

Excellent product

The Reliance SCADA/HMI system is an excellent product, well priced and very well supported by GEOVAP. I can recommend it without any second thoughts.

Chris Christodoulou | technical superintendent | Larnaca Water Board | Cyprus

Ondrej Janik, sales manager for Czechia and Slovakia, KOLEKTOR SynatecQuotation Marks

Reliance SCADA is my number one choice

Reliance is a very reliable and robust SCADA system with good level of technical support. I have worked with platforms such as InTouch, Citect, and other major SCADA systems. Nevertheless, Reliance SCADA is my number one choice.

Ondrej Janik | sales manager | KOLEKTOR Synatec | Czechia

Vratislav Krivak, electrical engineer, Otrokovice Heating PlantQuotation Marks

Thanks to Reliance SCADA, the visualization is under our own control

I work for the Otrokovice Heating Plant as an electrical engineer. Me and my colleague were assigned a task to visualize some of the heating plant processes. We had a month to create the project. We decided to use the Reliance SCADA system. Although we are not IT specialists, we were pleasantly surprised how easy it was to learn to work with the Reliance system. The many example projects that are part of the installation helped us solve a large number of tasks. In addition, fast technical support is an indisputable advantage. The task was completed on schedule to the satisfaction of the company's management. I am glad we chose the Reliance system. The visualization project was created very quickly and easily, including the subsequent debugging, which saved us a lot of time and money. Another significant advantage is that the visualization is under our own control!

Vratislav Krivak | electrical engineer | Otrokovice Heating Plant | Czechia

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