Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

General Provisions

1.1 The operator and owner of the website www.reliance-scada.com is the GEOVAP company (hereinafter referred to as the operator), having its principal office at Cechovo nabrezi 1790, Pardubice, ZIP Code: 530 03. In accordance with Act No. 121/2000 Coll. (the Copyright Act), the operator is entitled to exercise the economic rights to this website (hereinafter referred to as the Reliance website).

1.2 Under the Copyright Act, the operator has all rights to use the content of the Reliance website, including all text, design, and graphics.

1.3 The rights and obligations of the operator and all visitors to the Reliance website (hereinafter referred to as the user) shall be governed by these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the terms).

Method of Use

2.1 The user agrees to comply with the laws of the Czech Republic when using the Reliance website. The user also agrees not to damage in any way the operator's reputation and not to harm other users.

2.2 Furthermore, the user agrees not to:

  • Violate the security, technical nature, and contents of the Reliance website, or to otherwise abuse the website;
  • Falsify his/her identity by writing false information when completing forms (for downloading a file and receiving Reliance News);
  • Attempt to enter the Reliance website's Members Section under the name of another customer or registered user.

2.3 Any dissemination, copying, reproduction, or other use of the textual and graphical content of the Reliance website for commercial and noncommercial purposes without the prior written consent of the operator is prohibited.

Responsibility and Right to Change Content

3.1 All the information on the Reliance website is provided based on the best knowledge and belief of the operator. However, the operator does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information. The operator assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of using the Reliance website. The operator reserves the right to revise or otherwise change the information contained on this site without prior notice.

3.2 The operator assumes no responsibility for the content of third-party sites that may be visited through links on the Reliance website.

Privacy Policy

4.1 Some services provided by the operator through this website may be totally or partially conditioned by providing some of the user's personal data within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data. The operator shall collect the user's personal data in the following cases:

  • When the user provides the operator with the data, for example, if an unhandled error occurs in the Reliance system and the user decides to send an error report, or if the user completes a form on the Reliance website (e.g., Download Form, Reliance News Registration Form, Write Us Form);
  • Automatically through the Reliance system, for example, when checking for updates of Reliance.

4.2 The operator agrees to treat the personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation and use it only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

4.3 The operator also agrees not to cause any harm to the user by using his/her personal data.

4.4 In accordance with REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), every user has the right to be informed of all of his/her personal data processed by the operator and is entitled to change this data or to disagree in writing with such processing. In addition, every user can request that all his/her personal data be deleted immediately, which means that he/she will no longer receive information about new features and events regarding the Reliance system. Such a deletion request should be sent to .

File Download from Reliance Website Using Form

5.1 We collect all data provided through the Download Form.

The data is as follows:

  • First name and last name,
  • Email address,
  • Country,
  • Phone number,
  • Company name,
  • Comment,
  • Consent to receiving Reliance News
  • Contact request,
  • Question "How did you learn about Reliance?".

5.2 We store the data so that the file you requested is downloaded correctly and for marketing and analytical purposes.

5.3 Your personal data is kept secure and is not provided to any third party. It is stored on the operator's secure servers.

5.4 Your personal data is not kept longer than necessary in relation to the purposes described in this article. After that, the data is deleted if it is not legally required or we are not legally allowed to retain the data in whole or in part.


6.1 Cookies are files or pieces of information stored in the user's computer, smartphone, or tablet while the user is browsing the Reliance website. Cookies are used to identify the user during the session and to generate anonymous statistics used for analytical and marketing purposes through Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

6.2 Your browsing data is stored on the operator's secure servers and on Google's servers.

6.3 Your browsing data is not kept longer than necessary in relation to the purposes described in this article. After that, the data is deleted if it is not legally required or we are not legally allowed to retain the data in whole or in part.

6.4 There are two types of cookies used on the Reliance website – session and persistent. Session cookies are temporary files that exist on the user's device until the user closes the browser or until they are disabled in the browser. Persistent cookies stay on the user's device until they expire or are manually deleted.

6.5 Storing cookies can be set or disabled in the Web browser settings. Restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some features that are necessary for the proper functioning of the Reliance website.

Email Campaigns Sent to Customers and Registered Users

7.1 Email campaigns (invitations to training courses or the Reliance News email newsletter, typically) for customers and registered users allow the operator to get information on whether a particular customer or user has received and opened the email and, at the same time, which of the links in the email have been used.

Final Provisions

8.1 By accessing the Reliance website and using the information contained herein, the user agrees to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

8.2 The operator reserves the right to change these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time.

8.3 This document enters into force on May 24, 2018.