Visualization and control of tanks and boilers at the asphalt plant of the General Directorate of Highways' 18th division in Turkey

March 26, 2019 | Reliance SCADA

Turkey's General Directorate of Highways, which is a state agency in charge of the construction and maintenance of all public roadways outside of the country's cities and towns, is responsible, among other things, for collecting tolls. The directorate has 18 divisions.

Control system

In 2017, the Turkish company oKSitem implemented a system for the control and visualization of tanks and boilers at the asphalt plant of the directorate's 18th division (Kars Province). It consists of ABB's control systems and Reliance SCADA.

The aim is to measure the temperature and level of 12 vertical and 7 horizontal asphalt tanks and the temperature of 7 hot oil boilers.

All data is – via Ethernet – sent from two redundant ABB PLCs (PM5630-2ETH) to two redundant Reliance SCADA modules. The data in the main center is processed by ABB's CI522 modules, which communicate by means of a token ring, while the rest of the data is processed by ABB's PM554-TP-ETH PLCs and forwarded to Reliance via GSM modules. To allow redundancy, a Hirschmann switch is used.

This communication method enables monitoring the system continuously.

Examples of visualization windows

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