Visualization and control of the water abstraction process at CAESA in Brazil

September 2, 2019 | Reliance SCADA

CAESA is a company operating water supply and sewerage systems in the Brazilian state of Amapá. The firm's headquarters is in the city of Macapá.

In 2017, the company was in need of a system for the monitoring and control of water abstraction in Macapá (the water flow rate is around 1,000 liters per second). Therefore, the Brazilian company Gaiatec Sistemas implemented a system consisting of an electromagnetic insertion flow meter, a telemetry system, and SCADA software.

Control system

This is Gaiatec Sistemas' first project with Reliance SCADA. In addition to Reliance and the telemetry system (ABS CEL IO), the entire system also consists of Euromag's MUT1222 flow meter with an integrated pressure sensor and a 3G-modem–based GPRS/GSM-data transmission system. All data is transmitted to the customer's server via the Modbus protocol. Reliance Smart Client allows operators to access the system remotely on their smartphones.

The water abstraction process is visualized in real time with daily reports (Excel) created automatically and sent by e-mail to the process engineer.

Examples of visualization windows

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