How to edit a file with an .rp4 extension

January 14, 2019 | Reliance SCADA

A file with an .rp4 extension is the main file of a Reliance visualization project. This file is located at the top level of the project's directory structure. It contains all options of Reliance Design's Project Options dialog. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to edit the file other than using Reliance Design. However, there are rare exceptions where it is necessary to do so. You may, therefore, find the following information useful.

Until version 4.7.3, the file with an .rp4 extension had been a text file, specifically an INI file. The file's keys (properties) are written in the form Key=Value and are grouped into sections. Sections are in brackets. For example:


Such a file can be edited using any text editor (e.g., Notepad).

In version 4.8.0, the RP4 format was converted from INI to RDT. RDT (Reliance Data Table) is a data format used by Reliance to store object definitions in managers (e.g., tag definitions) and lots of other data. Thus, the file is non-text and the so-called RDT File Editor, which is part of Reliance, must be used to view and edit the file.

RDT File Editor, Reliance SCADA

The file's data is arranged in a table with four columns of the following meaning:

  • SectionId Section's ID (number)
  • KeyName Key's name
  • KeyValue Key's value
  • Description Key's description (as of Reliance 4.8.1; so far, in Czech only)

Before you start editing the file, make sure the Read-Only mode is not active (Options > Read-Only). To add a new record (row), press Insert. If you wish to remove a record, press Delete. F2 will allow you to start editing the cell you have selected. To confirm the change, press Enter. Beginning with version 4.8.1, the corresponding commands are also available in the Edit menu.


The order of records does not matter. It means that you can add a new record anywhere you want. The record must have the correct section ID, the correct key name, and the value in the correct format.

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