Visualization and control of the leachate treatment plant in the Turkish province of Çanakkale

February 18, 2020 | Reliance SCADA

Altaş is a Turkish limited liability company founded in 1992. It started its business by providing cleaning and sweeping services in the district of Kartal (Istanbul) and the city of Kütahya. Currently, it provides the services of garbage collection and transportation, street cleaning, and garbage container washing and disinfection in various parts of Turkey.

Leachate is a liquid that has percolated through a solid and leached out some of its constituents. The purpose of the Çanakkale plant is to treat leachate that comes from landfills. This leachate, which is harmful to the environment, is collected in the equalization tanks via geomembranes under the landfills. Before filtering the leachate, it is exposed to bacteria in the bioreactor tank.

The leachate is filtered by checking the levels of bacteria and suspended solid matter in the bioreactor tank. The leachate filtered in the ultrafiltration (UF) unit is collected in the UF permeate tank. The nanofiltration (NF) unit filters the permeate (the liquid treated by the membrane) collected in the UF permeate tank and sends it to the NF permeate tank or discharges it to the river. Also, the final permeate can be used as water for street cleaning.

Control system

In 2019, a system for the visualization and control of the operation of the treatment plant was implemented by Halıcı Elektronik. For this purpose, the Reliance SCADA/HMI system and ABB's PM585-ETH PLC are used. The control system monitors and controls – via the OPC interface – the status of the plant's devices, such as flow meters, pressure sensors, and pumps.

Reliance SCADA is also used for:

  • Ultrafiltration/nanofiltration control and monitoring
  • Chemical dosing preparation control and monitoring
  • Bacteria level control and monitoring
  • Data reporting
  • Fault detection

Examples of visualization windows

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Çanakkale Leachate Treatment Plant – bioreactor