Tannery demo

This demo was prepared in cooperation with SWYSTEM Logic GmbH, a Swiss company specializing in the implementation of control systems in the tanning industry. The main visualization window displays data of the process of tanning and the entire leather production process in a tannery. The process is simulated using scripts so that it corresponds to a real production process as much as possible.

Starting the demo

By clicking on the Desktop Demo button (file with a .jnpl extension), the program files are automatically downloaded to the computer. When you run this file (manually or automatically), the visualization project is opened in the Web client's standalone window.

By clicking on the Mobile Demo button, the visualization project is automatically run in a new window of your smartphone's or tablet's Web browser. You can also use a QR code reader to run the mobile demo.

By clicking on the Reliance Server button, Reliance Server's Web page is opened in a new window of the Web browser.

Desktop Demo Mobile Demo Reliance Server QR code

Description of the visualized process

The opening window (Overview of drum department) shows a preview into the state of four process units. Each traffic light's colors indicate the state of the process:

  • Green - the process is operating in fully automatic mode
  • Orange - the process is switched to manual mode and requires the operator's intervention (e.g., manual refilling of chemicals)
  • Red - a process failure has occurred

If you click on Drum 1, you will see the preview into process 1. On the right side of the window, there is the Weigh Station where chemicals are being prepared:

  • All needed ingredients are let in and properly mixed.
  • The resulting chemical mixture is then pumped into the Prep. Tank in which it waits (stirred occasionally) to be let into the drum.
  • The station is automatically rinsed and the pipes are cleaned with water and pressurized air.

In the lower left part of the window, there is the drum filled with rawhide.

Meanings of the control panel buttons

  • Login/Logout - operator login/logout
  • Pause - pauses the process simulation
  • Restart - restarts the process simulation
  • Settings - opens the Settings window where you can change some parameters, e.g., times needed for the cleaning of the pipes
  • Alarms/Events - opens the window with a list of alarms/events
  • Recipe - shows the Recipe window


Note: To run the project using a Web client, Oracle's Java-based runtime environment, version 6 or higher, must be installed on your computer. The required files and additional information are available on www.java.com.