Building automation demo

This is an on-line visualization project designed to display real-time data of a single-family home. It shows how to use the Reliance system in building automation. After starting the project, you can see how easy and clear it is to visualize and control today's modern systems installed in single-family homes, apartment housing, or production and industrial buildings. What is more, this application can be run not only on a PC but also on a smartphone and tablet.

Starting the demo

By clicking on the Desktop Demo button (file with a .jnpl extension), the program files are automatically downloaded to the computer. When you run this file (manually or automatically), the visualization project is opened in the Web client's standalone window.

By clicking on the Mobile Demo button, the visualization project is automatically run in a new window of your smartphone's or tablet's Web browser. You can also use a QR code reader to run the mobile demo.

By clicking on the Reliance Server button, Reliance Server's Web page is opened in a new window of the Web browser.

Desktop Demo Mobile Demo Reliance Server QR code

Description of the visualized process

All intelligent systems and processes in the house are provided by a Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1000 PLC and the Reliance SCADA/HMI system which is used for the visualization and monitoring of the following processes:

  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Heating system
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Domestic hot water heating
  • Pool water heating
  • Pool water quality measuring
  • Integrated electronic security system

The data source for the visualization application is a data server which communicates directly with the Tecomat Foxtrot PLC. To display the visualization application, Reliance's thin clients are used.

Visualization windows

The main visualization window shows the overview of the house's lighting, house mode settings, heating mode settings (auto/attenuation), and information on domestic hot water heating.

By clicking on the System settings button, another visualization window is displayed showing in detail the status of the processes of heating and domestic hot water heating including setup options.


Note: To run the project using a Web client, Oracle's Java-based runtime environment, version 6 or higher, must be installed on your computer. The required files and additional information are available on