Visualization and control of the gas distribution system of the Turkish company Başkentgaz

February 12, 2020 | Reliance SCADA

The Reliance and AVE software solutions of the Czech company GEOVAP have been used for many years by a number of gas companies in Turkey.

Reliance SCADA serves as the main monitoring and control system. It provides online data collection from gas distribution systems, controls gas regulator stations, generates alarm messages, reports, and graphical outputs for control room operators.

The AVE system is designed to automatically read gas-consumption data from large end-customers' gas-volume conversion devices for billing purposes.

Some of the advantages of these solutions provided to end-customers are mainly smooth data exchange and cooperation between systems from one supplier, both mutually and with other CRM systems.

The monitoring and control system for the Başkentgaz company was first installed in 2014. Representatives of GEOVAP flew to Ankara to install – in cooperation with their Turkish partner – the systems and put them into operation. The Reliance visualization project was created and is managed by a Turkish systems integrator. GEOVAP was responsible for the design of the optimal architecture of the monitoring and control system and its proper installation.

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