Upgrade to Reliance 4

To upgrade an existing visualization project from version 3 to 4, you need to convert the project to a new format and upgrade the hardware key.

Converting projects from earlier versions of Reliance

To convert visualization projects created with Reliance 3 to the format of Reliance 4, you need to use a converter - Reliance 3 to 4 Project Converter (R_3to4.exe). The converter lets you select an existing Reliance 3 project, confirm the path for saving the project in the new format and start the conversion. The converter is part of the Reliance 4 installation.

Upgrading a hardware key to version 4

The price of upgrading to version 4 from earlier versions is determined as a percentage of the price of the respective Reliance 4 module. To upgrade a hardware key to version 4, you need to install the hardware key's device driver, plug the hardware key into the parallel or USB port, launch a license utility - Reliance HwKeysUtil (HwKeysUtil.exe), and select a license file received from your distributor as a result of ordering the license upgrade. The license utility is part of the Reliance 4 installation.

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