Visualization and control of the alarm system at the Florenc metro station in Prague

NTD group, a Czech joint-stock company from the city of Usti nad Labem, specializing in the distribution of railroad services, installed a new central (SCADA-based) control system to provide the reliable monitoring and control of the Florenc metro station, line B, in Prague. Communication between the control room (JOP) and alarm devices is carried out by the Reliance SCADA system.

The JOP control room allows

  • Monitoring of the current state of each alarm device as well as the situation on the tracks in the chosen format (exhaustive view, closeup)
  • Controlling the traffic in real time via interactive screens created with the Reliance SCADA/HMI system
  • Workers to monitor the alarm system and detect failures via a diagnostic console
  • Recording essential events and states of all devices and the creation of statistics from recorded data
  • Real-time replay of all data recorded on the control computer using Postmort
  • Uploading traffic data from the alarm system to the master control system, receiving and executing commands

The Florenc metro station's control room

The Florenc metro station's control room

The JOP control system consists of

Indicating and command level:

  • PCs with the Windows NT operating system
  • Control device installed at Metro Line B by Unicontrols
  • Emergency panel by the NTD company

Control level:

  • Communication PCs with the Windows NT operating system
  • Visualization SW for the JOP control room with interactive screens and Postmort created with the Reliance SCADA system
  • Tecomat NS950 RAPID PLC with an application program

Execution level:

  • AZD 71 relay control device

Controlled devices:

  • Alarm devices in the railroad track (switches, signaling, track circuits, etc.)

Example of a visualization window


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