Postmort is a unique feature designed for recording and replaying the operation of a monitored process. In a simplified manner, it can be compared to a video recorder (VCR). The process's visualization can later be replayed from a selected time in the past using a selected (real-time or higher) speed. You can pause the replaying at any moment and navigate forward through the process record by record (each record represents a change in the process data) or continue the replaying using the same or different speed. This can be useful in case of an accident or process failure to find and analyze the cause of the problem.

The Postmort feature records the changes in real-time data and logs them into special data files. Reliance maintains a certain number of days recorded. The oldest files are automatically deleted.

The Postmort feature can also be used for creating impressive "live" presentations. First, the operation of a real process is recorded using an existing application. Later, it can be replayed and presented to a potential customer that needs to visualize a similar industrial process.

For example, the Postmort feature is used as part of the monitoring and control system at the Florenc metro (subway, underground) station in Prague, Czechia.

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