Software keys for Reliance 4

2008 | Reliance SCADA

One of the goals of Reliance 4 was lowering the price of applications with less than 200 data points. For such applications, a hardware key is a relatively expensive device compared to the license price. Therefore, software keys were introduced.

Software keys replace hardware keys for all licenses with up to including 200 data points. A software key is a special file containing license information and information about the computer it is dedicated for. As a result, a software key cannot be used on another computer (it is not portable between computers). If the customer needs to use the license on different computers, a hardware key can be purchased even for a license with up to including 200 data points. This can be useful in case of a license for the development environment which can be used for example on both the system integrator's laptop and the customer's computer when maintaining an application or putting it into operation. However, an extra fee of 40 € is charged for the hardware key.

For more information on licensing Reliance 4, please refer to Licensing of Reliance 4.

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