Reliance 4.6.2 – main enhancements

May 14, 2014 | Reliance SCADA

On April 4, 2014, Reliance 4.6.2 was released. Three days later, a fixed version of the OpenSSL library was officially released (a fix for Heartbleed – a severe security bug). We have therefore implemented the fixed library in the Reliance SCADA system. For security reasons, Reliance 4.6.2 Update 1 was subsequently released on April 30.

Due to a bug that appeared in several projects, Reliance 4.6.2 Update 2 was released on May 13. After a project was running for a certain period of time, the bug in the form of error messages appeared if component blinking was used and a large number of dynamically loaded windows were contained in the project.

Get acquainted with the most important new features and enhancements and take a look at the full list of changes.

Development environment & runtime software

  • To speed up searching, we have added the possibility for quick filtering within selection dialog boxes and managers.
  • We have added the possibility for tags to choose a script to be run when changing the value, quality, and time stamp (the "Scripts" page in the Device Manager).
  • At runtime, any changes made through the User Manager, Trend Manager, or Report Manager can now be transferred online (e.g., adding a new user).
  • In managers, the "Alias" property can now be synchronized for some types of objects (e.g., trend series and report items). This makes developing visualization projects much easier as the alias can be entered only once (e.g., for a tag).
  • The following methods have been added to the Script Manager: RSys.GetBit, RTag.GetBit, RTag.SetBit, RSys.SetBit (for simplifying access to individual bits of tags), RTag.IncTagValue, RTag.DecTagValue (for adding/subtracting a value to/from the value of a numeric-type tag), and RSys.GetProgramLanguage, RSys.GetProjectLanguage (for finding out the active language of the program/project).
  • We have added support for the Slovenian language to the runtime software and thin clients. The translations were done by Dusan Bosnar of Slovenia – thank you!

Communication drivers

  • The "S7-200" and "LOGO!" models are now available for a Siemens device.
  • We have added the possibility for a Siemens device to import tags from TIA Portal (the XLSX format).
  • The reading of an Elgas2 device's daily archive has been added to Elgas Communication Driver.
  • For Elgas devices, we have developed a new component named Elgas – Gas Composition for displaying and specifying gas composition.
  • New events for sending text messages have been added to the SMS settings (after successfully or unsuccessfully sending a text message).
  • The SMS settings also allow you to select a tag to which GSM signal quality information can be passed.


  • We have added support for logging historical data and alarms/events to MySQL and MariaDB (without needing to write scripts).
  • Loading historical data and alarms/events from an SQL-based database has been substantially accelerated.

Thin clients

  • Reliance Web Client and Reliance Smart Client can now display internal alarms/events from the server.
  • Reliance Web Client: We have added support for the Simple Time Program and Equithermal Curve components.
  • Reliance Smart Client: We have added support for the BACnet – Time Program component.
Reliance 4, new version released

4.6.2, Update 2 (Revision 21879)

May 13, 2014

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