Important changes in Reliance 4.1.5

2010 | Reliance SCADA

All modules

  • Introduced accessing license keys via License Service

Real-Time Trend, Real-Time Chart, Equithermal Curve components

  • Added possibility to customize chart properties during runtime

Data Tree and Data Grid components

  • Added possibility to hide columns

Reliance Design development environment

  • Design window: Added the Replace Object Properties Wizard
  • Script Manager: Added a new set of commands called "Source Block Tools"
  • Script Manager: Added the "Enable running from thin clients" property for a script
  • Device Manager: Added possibility to define communication zones in a Wago device
  • Export for Remote Users Wizard: added possibility to specify multiple server addresses (it is suitable for launching the Web client via Java Web Start when the server is accessible under different addresses from various network places)

Reliance View, Reliance Control, Reliance Control Server

  • Report Viewer: Added possibility to open data table archive files (the "Open File" command)
  • Report Viewer: Added possibility to hide the "Navigation" and "Filters" side panes

Reliance Server, Reliance Control Server

  • Report viewer on server Web pages: improved the tree view (Sundays in different color, added help hints)
  • Improved the algorithm of retrieving historical data to be sent to client instances of the runtime software (the data server splits client requests to smaller parts and handles them one after another => the clients get the first part of the data sooner)

Web Client

  • The list of users, trends, custom reports and reports is updated when the Web client starts and then after every change made in Control Server
  • Added support for running scripts on the server when the corresponding action is triggered on the client (scripts that have the "Enable running from thin clients" property active)
  • Trend Viewer: added support for bar charts
  • Trend Viewer: added possibility to display a ruler (a vertical straight line)
  • Data Grid component: added possibility to set a tag's value (value of an array element)

Communication drivers

  • M-Bus: Added a new driver for devices that use the M-Bus (Meter Bus) protocol
  • SMS: Handled the situation when the SIM card in the GSM modem requires a PIN (the PIN can be specified for a computer in the Project Structure Manager)
  • Added support for controlling serial link parameters via NVT