Important changes in Reliance 4.1.4

2010 | Reliance SCADA

Reliance Design development environment

  • Device Manager: added a new device type named "Generic" (uses a new communication driver of the same name)
  • Window Manager: added a new command for finding an object (window, window folder)
  • added the Insert Window Template Wizard which enables you to insert a window template in a regular window in two ways: through the Container component or by copying the components and linking them to tags

Runtime software

  • substantially accelerated the transfer of real-time data between a data server and client instances of the runtime software (only data changes are transferred; the clients don't poll for data, the data server sends the changes automatically)

Reliance View, Reliance Control, Reliance Control Server

  • new report viewer (possibility to select a time period using a tree view, possibility to create and save filters)
  • revised the main menu (the "File" submenu divided into multiple parts)

Web Client

  • revised the main menu (the "File" submenu divided into multiple parts)
  • trend viewer: added a command for displaying the data from any time range

Communication drivers

  • Generic: a new communication driver designed for the data exchange (through a serial port or Ethernet) between Reliance and devices for which a native driver or OPC/DDE server is not available
  • Modbus: added possibility to read extended memory (function 20)