New: Reliance Combi Package

2008 | Reliance SCADA

Most of you have encountered a situation when you would appreciate to have a license for both the runtime software and the development environment in a single Reliance key. So you could for example make changes in your application over a remote desktop. We have a very cost-effective offer for you – a special license package of Reliance 4 Design Desktop plus Reliance 4 Control or Reliance 4 Design Enterprise plus Reliance 4 Control Server named Reliance Combi Package.

This is a response to requests of our customers who install the Reliance system in remote locations, sometimes even abroad. When an application needs to be changed remotely, license for the development environment (Reliance 4 Design) needs to be present on the remote computer.

To buy two hardware keys (for the development environment and the runtime software) in such case would be inconvenient and expensive. The price of this combined license is only by about 10% higher than that of the license for the runtime software. We believe that you will appreciate this offer and it will not only save your money but also save your time which you would spend traveling to your customers. For more information, please contact your local distributor of Reliance or send us an e-mail to .