New license rules for network applications

License rules for network applications of Reliance 4 differ greatly from the rules used with Reliance 3. In Reliance 3, each instance of the runtime software (even Runtime Control and Runtime View) could provide data to the other instances within a network application. In Reliance 4, this is no longer possible. If a computer in a Reliance 4 application is intended to acquire data and provide them to clients (other instances of the runtime software, web clients or mobile clients), Reliance Control Server or Reliance Server has to be used to run the project on this computer. These modules are called data servers.

Data for thin clients (Reliance Web Client and Reliance Mobile Client) are only provided by data servers. This rule hasn't changed compared to Reliance 3.

Licenses for the Reliance Runtime Control and Reliance Runtime View modules running on computers providing data to clients have to be upgraded to Reliance Control Server or Reliance Server. If you have any questions, please contact us at .

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