Profile of the Industrial Automation Group Pty Ltd company

For over 20 years Industrial Automation, with its head office in Perth – Western Australia, has been at the forefront of technology, providing our customers with innovative solutions to their automation and control needs.

The company was started by current Managing Director Henk de Graaf to meet the needs of customers in the process control and factory automation needs. This included the combination of process engineering and control panel manufacture within the same company. A combination that allowed the company to attract distribution rights from manufacturers of process control equipment to further enhance the capacity to provide real value for money to customers.

Operating from our own premises in the Joondalup Business Park in Perth, the company provides engineering support to a number of distributed products in the process control and communication fields. Products like PLC’s, Ethernet switches, Wireless routers, Electrical monitoring equipment and various sensors ensure that the people in the organisation are being kept up-to-date with the latest technology developments at all time.

The engineers at Industrial Automation are regularly involved in a variety of projects from start to finish which provides them with a wealth of knowledge regarding the implementation of new technology. This knowledge is available to our customers ensuring the best and most cost-effective solution to all projects.Over the years the company has completed projects in fields as diverse as airport cargo handling, grain aeration automation, train lifting equipment and waste recovery automation to name but a few.

The company has been recognised for their quality systems by SAI Global in accordance with ISO-9001 for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and servicing of industrial control systems. Annual surveys ensure that this quality is maintained at all times providing our customers with the peace of mind that this type of accreditation brings.

A flexible work force with a core of six experienced engineers, augmented by process and project engineers when required, can be called upon to complete any size of project within our specific fields of experience.

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