Important changes in Reliance 4.0.19 through 4.1.2

2009 | Reliance SCADA

Reliance 4.0.19

Improved checking for new versions of Reliance

  • Added checking for new versions to the runtime software, Web client and mobile client. Now it is performed in the background. As a result, it does not block starting the program if the connection with the update server cannot be established. In addition to new versions, the check also detects updates of Reliance.

Improvements in the Managers

  • Device Manager: added exporting/importing structured tags (including the nested tags) to/from CSV format.
  • Device Manager: added the "Alarm/event delay" property for a tag. It is intended to suppress too frequent alarms/events triggered by an oscillating signal.
  • Project Structure Manager: added the "Alternative server address" property for a server connection. It is necessary in situations when a server computer is accessible under different IP addresses from different client computers.

Improvements in multi-language support and help

  • Runtime software: added further program languages (Lithuanian, Hungarian).
  • Runtime software: added English and Russian help.
  • Thin clients (Web Client, Mobile Client): added further program languages (Russian, Lithuanian, Hungarian).
  • Web client: added Russian help.

Bug fixes

  • Reliance View, Reliance Control, Reliance Control Server: fixed blocking switching the keyboard layout when using security restrictions (if the "Disable 'Start' menu" option is active for a computer or user).

Reliance 4.1.2

New data types

  • All modules: added support for the ShortInt (8 bits) and LargeInt (64 bits) data types

New features in the design window

  • Added possibility to quickly create a Container component linked to a window template by dragging the template from the Window Manager and dropping it onto a window.
  • Added possibility to quickly activate a window (or window template) associated with a component by clicking middle mouse button on the component (e.g. a Button component linked to a window, a Container component linked to a window template).

Automatic license activation

  • Added possibility to activate a license automatically in the development environment and the runtime software. It is no longer necessary to visit the Reliance Website or e-mail the registration key in order to activate a license. An Internet connection is required on the computer on which the license activated.

Time-limited licenses

  • Added support for time-limited licenses (suitable for lending a license or a quick temporary replacement for another license, e.g. if a hardware key gets damaged or stolen).

Windows themes

  • Reliance View, Reliance Control, Reliance Control Server: added support for Windows themes.

New features of data server Web pages

  • Added possibility to display a list (table) of current alarms/events.
  • New report viewer which allows for selecting a time range through a tree diagram.

Web client

  • Added playing sounds associated with alarms/events.
  • Added the "Print Main Window" command.

Improvements in performance

  • Reliance View, Reliance Control, Reliance Control Server: substantially speeded up starting the program (only DLLs of components used in the project are loaded into memory).
  • Reliance Server, Reliance Control Server: speeded up starting the program by having optimized unpacking the archive of help files for data servers and thin clients (the archive is only being unpacked when starting the program for the first time).
  • Reliance Driver Server: substantially speeded up starting the program (only DLLs of drivers of devices connected to the current computer through the Project Structure Manager are loaded into memory).