Reliance in the Netherlands

In 2002 we introduced Reliance at the International Fair of Information Technologies CeBIT in Hannover, and in 2003 and 2004 we presented Reliance at Hannover Messe. There was a tremendous response from potential clients from all around the world, which resulted in signing distribution contracts with a number of foreign partners. Hiflex from the Netherlands, for example, has become one of our new foreign distributors of Reliance.

Hiflex Automatiseringstechniek B.V. is one of the main distribution companies of automation technology in the Netherlands. Hitachi and Exor founded the company and today Hiflex is an exclusive distributor of Hitachi PLCs, inverters and electric actuators and it is also an exclusive distributor of Exor HMI panels. Before Hiflex was introduced our Reliance, it had been a main distributor of Axeda's SCADA/HMI system Wizcon in the Netherlands. Once Hiflex had completed a comprehensive testing and analysis of our SCADA/HMI system, they decided to distribute it on the Dutch market.

The first round of negotiations took place in the Netherlands. We visited Hiflex headquarters in Ridderkerk where we agreed on an outline of the contract.

A few weeks later, specialists from Hiflex undertook weekly training at the GEOVAP Training Center. At the end of the visit, directors of both companies signed the distribution contract.

Directors of the GEOVAP and Hiflex companies just signed a distribution contract