Reliance Team has launched a brand new website

Four years ago, we launched a new website of the Reliance system. At that time, we focused primarily on the body of the website. In addition to that, we also introduced the so-called Cool URL - readable addresses. As a result, the Reliance web pages received a higher PageRank from search engines, such as Google.

Two years later, in 2009, we decided to change the website design as well. The reason was that it did not correspond to the latest trends in Web design. What is more, the previous layout did not allow us to flexibly extend the already wide-ranging website. I took us several months to create a new design and move the contents to the new website. We are now pleased to present a brand new, modern website with a novel design. It was launched shortly before Christmas 2010.

The most significant changes on the new website

  • The main motif of the website is a banner displaying real Reliance success stories (a detailed success story is displayed after clicking on this banner)
  • A new layout
  • A new main page, which now consists of three boxes on the left side and the Latest News column on the right side
  • A brand new horizontal dropdown menu
  • Icons for a quick view of the Twitter social network and the Reliance RSS feed on the right side of the menu

There are also some other more or less important modifications that have been made to our website to make your visit easier and more pleasant.

Reliance Team