Reliance OPC UA Server

March 18, 2021 | Reliance SCADA

Reliance OPC UA Server is a Reliance module designed for data exchange between Reliance and other applications via OPC UA. This allows the Reliance SCADA system to communicate with enterprise information systems or other SCADA systems. This video shows how to use Reliance OPC UA Server to make data from a Reliance visualization project available for another application that acts as an OPC UA client.

In this video, you will see

  • Opening a demo project in the Reliance Design development environment
  • Sharing tags with OPC clients
  • Running the project, OPC UA client, Monitoring Client, and the Reliance OPC UA Server service
  • Configuring Monitoring Client and the OPC UA client
  • Comparing the tags' values in the Reliance project and in the OPC UA client