Reliance OPC Server

Reliance OPC Server is a module of the Reliance 4 system allowing two-way data exchange between the Reliance system and other applications via the standard OPC interface. Thanks to this, both transferring data from a visualization project to end users' information systems and entering production parameters or values required by these systems can be achieved. In the following video, we'll show you how easy it is, via Reliance OPC Server, to make data from a Reliance visualization project available to an OPC client.

The video tutorial describes how to

  • Open a sample project in the Reliance 4 Design development environment
  • Make tags available to OPC clients through the Device Manager
  • Run the modified project and the OPC client (in this case, Matrikon OPC Explorer)
  • Import the selected tags into the OPC client (Matrikon OPC Explorer)
  • Compare the tag values in the visualization project and the OPC client