Connecting an OPC server to the Reliance 4 SCADA/HMI system

OPC technology is designed as a standard for exchanging data between software applications. Most often, it is used to interconnect software applications and OPC servers communicating with process control hardware (PLCs, dataloggers, etc.). Not only can an OPC client acquire data from an OPC server, it can also write data to the OPC server, which results in changing the value in both the OPC server and the connected device with which the OPC server is communicating. In the following video, we'll show you how to easily connect an OPC server to the Reliance 4 SCADA/HMI system.

The video tutorial describes how to

  • Create a visualization project in the Reliance 4 Design development environment
  • Create a new device (OPC) through the Device Manager
  • Import tags from the OPC server to the newly created device
  • Add a Display component to a visualization window
  • Define a link to a tag through the Display component's Properties dialog box
  • Run the visualization project showing the Display component which displays values from the OPC server