Connecting a Modbus PLC to the Reliance SCADA system

October 21, 2014 | Reliance SCADA

Modbus Communication Driver is intended for communication between Reliance's runtime software and Modbus control systems. The driver is able to read data from both devices compliant with the Modbus protocol standard and devices with special functions. This video tutorial shows a simple example of how to connect a Modbus PLC to the Reliance 4 SCADA/HMI system.

The video tutorial describes how to

  • Create a new project in the Reliance 4 Design development environment
  • Add a Modbus device through the Device Manager
  • Configure communication and define a tag
  • Connect the Modbus device to the computer
  • Add a Display component and a Container component to the visualization window
  • Connect the display to the tag
  • Display the tag's value and view communication with the Modbus PLC in the container