How to access the “Public Documents” folder from Windows 10 file dialogs

November 22, 2016 | Reliance SCADA

On computers with Windows 10, the Public Documents folder (which contains, for example, Reliance sample projects) cannot be accessed from the Select Reliance Visualization Project dialog's navigation pane. This folder is hidden because Microsoft prefers OneDrive.

Windows 7

Windows 7, Public Documents

Windows 10

Windows 10, Public Documents

If you want to display the Public Documents folder, you must run Windows File Explorer.

In the explorer, switch to the View tab.

Windows File Explorer, View tab

After that, click Options.

On the View tab, select Show all folders.

Folder Options, Show all folders

We also recommend that you choose This PC from the Open File Explorer to drop-down list.

Windows 10, Folder Options

An item named Libraries, in which Public Documents will be contained, will be accessible from the Select Reliance Visualization Project dialog.

Reliance 4, Visualization Project Dialog

It will then be easy to add the Documents folder to Quick access.

Quick access

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