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How to register a license for Reliance

License Key Utility is designed for the registration of Reliance licenses (upper picture). The utility is part of the Reliance 4 system's installation program. Upon installation, it is located in the <Reliance4>\Utils\LicenseKeyUtil directory. The utility's latest version can be downloaded from the Download section.

License Key Utility

License Key Utility

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and HASP hardware key drivers are required to run the utility. The installers are part of Reliance Add-On Pack.

The Generate Registration File command chosen from the main window of License Key Utility is used to display a dialog box for generating registration files (lower picture).

Registration File Generator

Registration File Generator

When all required registration data is filled in, it is necessary to read the license key with which the registration will be bound. The Read Hardware Key Number command allows for reading and displaying the hardware key's serial number.

If a software key is applied, its serial number is stored in the so-called license file ($(PublicDocuments)\GEOVAP\Licenses\License.key). To read this file, use the Read Software Key Number command.

The Generate & Save Reg. File command is used for generating and saving the registration file. The generated registration file can be opened either in the development environment or in runtime software of the Reliance system (Help > License > Register). The information contained in the registration file can be displayed, for example, in the About Reliance dialog box in the Registered user of this copy item.

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