Cannot open dBASE database tables (DBF) from another program (e.g., MS Access, MS Excel)

In the Reliance SCADA system, if you log data to dBASE tables and the tables cannot be opened in another program, it is, most likely, a problem of different versions of dBASE tables. See below for how to set up the version of dBASE tables in case a compatibility problem occurs.

To access databases, Reliance uses the BDE (Borland Database Engine). The BDE contains native drivers for accessing database tables.

Exit all running Reliance modules and run the BDE Administrator – bdeadmin.exe (Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE). On the Configuration page, select dBASE (Configuration > Drivers > Native > dBASE). In the right-hand panel (on the Definition page), a list of driver parameters is displayed. The LEVEL parameter specifies the version of dBASE tables to be created. By default, this value is equal to 7, which causes a problem since programs such as MS Access or MS Excel do not know this version's format. Set this value to 5 and apply the changes (Object > Apply).

Note: The version of the existing database tables cannot be changed.

BDE Administrator

BDE Administrator

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