How to define the address of a time program in a Johnson Controls FX device

May 13, 2014 | Reliance SCADA

The address of a tag of type Time program, ON/OFF time program, and Exception days must be entered in the same way as it is stored in the file with an .apd extension of the PLC application program. The address can be found according to the reference point under which the time program in the file with an .apd extension is stored. To clearly display the file's contents, it is recommended that the extension be changed from .apd to .xml and that the file be opened, for example, in a Web browser.

In the file with an .apd extension below, which contains a time program named "OccEvent" and an ON/OFF time program named "OnOffEvent", the following definitions can be found:

 <ApPoint Key="P1" Name="OnOffEvent" …
 <ApPoint Key="P2" Name="OccEvent" …
   <Record PointKey="P1" PointReference="C800"/>
   <Record PointKey="P2" PointReference="6001"/>

In this file with an .apd extension, the ON/OFF time program is stored as P1 and its address has a hexadecimal value of C800 (which is equal to a decimal value of 51200), and the "OccEvent" time program is stored as P2 in the application program and its address is 6001 (hexadecimal), which is equal to 24577 (decimal). Use decimal values to enter the addresses of time programs.

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