Problem with Web Client's temporary files

March 11, 2016 | Reliance SCADA

Before running Reliance Web Client, the Java Runtime Environment installed on a user's computer checks whether or not there is a newer version of the Web client's program files on the server. If there is, the files are downloaded and run. If not, Java uses the already downloaded version, which saves data being transferred and speeds up the start of the Web client.

In some computer networks (e.g., when there is a proxy server between the client and the server), this mechanism may not work properly and the program files are not updated. In such a case, it is recommended that you manually remove the Java program files according to the following instructions:

1. In the Windows Control Panel, open the Java Control Panel.

2. On the General page, click Settings:

Java Control Panel

3. In the Temporary Files Settings dialog box, click Delete Files:

Java Temporary Files

You can also deactivate saving temporary files by activating the Keep temporary files on my computer option.

4. In the Delete Files and Applications dialog box, activate all the options and click OK.

Java Delete Files and Applications

5. Run Reliance Web Client.

If the problem with running the Web client persists, it is recommended that you also remove the visualization project from your computer so that it is forced to be downloaded again. To remove the downloaded visualization project, delete all the files located in:




represents the name of the logged-on user,


represents the name or address of Reliance's data server,

and <PORT>

represents the data server's port number.

Finally, run Reliance Web Client again.

If you're still unable to run the Web client or if you run an older version of the client or of the project, a proxy server may be involved (if used within the network). Ask your network administrator to check whether or not the Web client's files are cached by the proxy server.

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