The Reliance J Web client started in a Web browser does not display visualization windows

Check whether the HTTP server (e.g., Internet Information Services – IIS) provides clients with project files in the WWW format (files with an .rj3 extension). For example, by default, IIS supplied with Windows Server 2003 provides clients with only a limited set of file types. It is essential that files with an .rj3 extension be included in this set (the so-called MIME Types).

If you want to find out whether the HTTP server is set correctly in terms of MIME Types, try to enter any link to a file with an .rj3 extension in the Web browser.

For example, http://myserver/reliance_web/windows/win101/window.rj3.

If you receive the error message "HTTP Error 404 – File or directory not found."while the file does exist on the server, it's just the files with an .rj3 extension that must extend the MIME Types set.

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