The Reliance J Web client displayed in a Web browser does not connect to a data server

Check the following:

  • When exporting the project to the Web format, the "Connection type" option must be set to "TCP/IP".
  • A data server (Reliance Server or Reliance Runtime Server) must be running on the computer where the visualization project in the Web format is located.
  • The data server must be running the visualization project previously exported to the Web format (i.e., the Web version of the project must correspond to the project running in the data server).
  • Reliance J Server (Services > Console) must be active in the data server.
  • The HW key purchased for the data server must include a license for Web clients.

Reliance J Web clients and the data server (Reliance Server or Reliance Runtime Server) communicate on TCP/IP ports 40000 to 40000 + N, where N represents the number of purchased Reliance J licenses stored in the data server's HW key. Make sure the ports are not blocked by the firewall at both the client and server side. If a connection problem occurs, turn off the firewall temporarily and test the connection without it.

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