How to open a Web server file in Reliance SCADA using a Button component

May 23, 2024 | Reliance SCADA

Sometimes, an external file (document, table, etc.) must be opened in Reliance. There are several options how to do that, but we recommend that you use an action of type Run application (do not forget to select a path to the file) and, for example, a Button component to which the action must be linked.

If the external file is also to be accessible in the thin clients, it is necessary to use an action of type www link instead of the Run application action type. In such a case, the external file must be located on a Web server and its Web address (URL) must be available. So, if you type the URL into your Web browser's address bar, the document will open. The server where the file is located can be either an external Web server or an internal Web server built in Reliance's data servers. To use an internal Web server, follow the instructions below.

What to do

  • First of all, put the file in your project's ThinClients directory (e.g., C:\Users\Username\Documents\Reliance4\Projects\ProjectName\ThinClients\Doc\MyDoc.pdf).

  • File Explorer

  • Open Reliance Design's Action Manager and create a new action of type www link. In the URL field, enter the address as follows: http://Hostname:40000/Doc/MyDoc.pdf. If the file is located on the Internet, enter the file's address.

  • Action Manager, Reliance SCADA

  • In Reliance Design, insert a Button component into the visualization window. On the Scripts/Actions page of the component's Properties dialog box, activate the Execute action on click > Left button option and select the action (in our example, we have chosen an action named Open_External_File).

  • Button Properties, Reliance SCADA

  • Save the visualization project. If Reliance's thin clients (Smart Client or Web Client) are part of your project, it is essential that you export the project for remote users again (the Re-export for Remote Users command).

  • Re-export for Remote Users, Reliance SCADA


  • The Web browser on the end user's computer must support opening an external file of the given type.
  • The external document's address must be a valid URL.
  • Please note that the hostname is hardcoded in the project. So, if you move the project to another computer, the action may not work.

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