How to display a KML file on Google Maps in a visualization window

January 12, 2017 | Reliance SCADA

Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is an XML-based language intended for managing the display of 3D geographic data.
A KML file contains structured geographic data, such as points, lines, areas, which can be displayed on Internet-based 2D and 3D maps (Google Maps, Google Earth, etc.). KML is an open format supported by most advanced GIS programs.

Displaying a KML file in Google My Maps

Google My Maps is a service that allows users to create a custom map to which they can add points, lines, and shapes or import external KML files with geographically-specific data. Subsequently, the map can be shared using a link.

Note: A Google Account is required to access the service.

Mapa s geografickými daty

Creating a custom map in Google My Maps

Inserting a shared map into Reliance's visualization window

To insert a map with KML data into a visualization window, choose an Internet Explorer component from the Reliance Design development environment's Component Palette (the Additional tab). On the Functions page of the component's Properties dialog box, it is essential to enter the URL link generated by Google My Maps.

Mapa s geografickými daty

Internet Explorer – Properties > Functions

Mapa s geografickými daty

A map with geographically-specific data displayed in the runtime software

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