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How to add a Web page in IE8's standards mode to a visualization window

November 11, 2013 | Bretislav Valek

First, make sure Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher is installed on the computer on which your visualization project should be running. If you have an older version of Internet Explorer, go to the Microsoft website to upgrade it.

The Reliance system allows you to place a Web page in a visualization window by using an Internet Explorer component chosen from the Reliance Design development environment's Component Palette (the Additional tab). This component uses the so-called WebBrowser Control, which is a standard part of Windows operating systems. By default, Web pages placed in a visualization window render in IE7's strict mode, even though a newer version of Internet Explorer is installed on the computer. The reason is, according to Microsoft, to provide backward compatibility with older versions. To render pages placed in a visualization window through an Internet Explorer component in IE8's standards mode (or later), it is essential to edit the Windows Registry by simply adding the following value:

"R_XXX.exe" = dword 8000 (Hex: 0x1F40)

where R_XXX.exe represents the name of the respective runtime software's executable file – see the following table:

Runtime software

File name

Reliance 4 View


Reliance 4 Control


Reliance 4 Control Server


Registry Editor

Registry Editor

The above settings are valid for the user currently logged on to Windows. If it is necessary to configure the settings for all users, add the following values depending on the Windows version.

32-bit Windows:


64-bit Windows:


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