Reliance Web Client Launcher (Web Client and Java 11)

December 12, 2018 | Reliance SCADA

Reliance Web Client is a Java-based program that requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed on the user's computer. Web Client can run either as an applet or through Java Web Start (recommended), which is a framework for distributing and running Java applications.

According to an announcement by Oracle (now managing and maintaining the Java platform), version releases and support policies are undergoing significant changes. The following changes are directly related to the Reliance SCADA system:

  • Oracle will only provide JDK (Java SDK) releases without the public JRE (no separate JRE installer will be available)
  • Some releases will be supported for six months, some will be designated as LTS (long-term support) releases; the first LTS release is Java 11 (September 2018)
  • There will no longer be any Java Web Start releases, maintenance, and support
  • Version 8 is the last version for which the public JRE and Java Web Start will be available; it will be supported until the end of January 2019 for commercial (e.g., corporate) users and until the end of 2020 for individuals

GEOVAP responds in time to the above facts. Beginning with version 4.8.1, a new launcher – Reliance Web Client Launcher – is part of the Reliance SCADA system. It acts as a substitute for Java Web Start and allows running Reliance Web Client on the new Java versions.

Reliance Web Client Launcher, Reliance SCADA

The JRE (currently in version 11) – which is part of the launcher – is tailored to Web Client. There is therefore no need to download and install Java on the end user's computer. You just need to download and run Reliance Web Client Launcher, through which you can – for the configuration you have selected – directly run Web Client or create a shortcut to it.

Using Reliance Web Client Launcher has the following advantages

  • The size of the installation package is reduced (about 30 MB); the launcher requires less disk space
  • The security level is improved: The JRE is neither installed nor integrated into the operating system (so, it cannot be used by any other application or Web page)
  • One launcher can be used for different Reliance projects, configurations, and versions
  • Automatic updates and caching of Web Client's program files on the end user's computer are maintained
  • Automatic project updates on the end user's computer are maintained

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