How to switch between languages in a multilanguage project

January 6, 2017 | Reliance SCADA


  • Add one or more languages to your visualization project. To do that, use the Project Options > Languages dialog.

  • Reliance SCADA �� Project Options, add languages

  • Choose the Managers > String Manager command.

  • In the String Manager, translate the text strings into the respective languages. If you need to send the text strings to a translator, send them a text file located in the <Project>\Main\Strings directory. They are Unicode text files.

  • Reliance SCADA �� String Manager

There are several ways of how to switch the project language during runtime:

  • By choosing the File > Project Language command from the runtime software's main menu.

  • Reliance 4 Control Server  �� Project Language

    This command invokes the Select Project Language dialog box.

    Reliance SCADA �� Select Project Language

  • By using an action of type Activate project language.
  • Reliance SCADA ��Action Manager

  • By calling the RSys.SetProjectLanguage method from a script.

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