Reliance SCADA has support for the Maatrix emergency communication service

February 22, 2016 | Reliance SCADA

Maatrix is a service developed and operated by the Czech company Maat. It is an emergency communication service designed to quickly inform users of both unexpected and expected events. Unlike simple messaging to specific users (e.g., email, text messaging, instant messaging), Maatrix has the following key features:

  • Speed – messages are distributed in seconds
  • Feedback – the decision of the responsible person is obtained instantly and accurately
  • Communication procedures – each situation has a specific communication procedure for informing users of alarms and for possibly escalating handling the problem based on their reaction

  • Maatrix – Communication procedure
  • Distinct sound – the mobile application, which is intended for communication, is easily heard when an alarm occurs
  • Clear overview – information on processing the alarm is available continuously, including the following: who was addressed, when the person was addressed, whether, how, and when the person responded
  • Evaluation – Maatrix makes records of all important information about the alarm, i.e., who was informed, when and how the person was informed, how the person responded; it is possible to evaluate the course of handling the alarm

The system consists of two parts: Server (runs as a service), which is used for administering the system and mainly for calling out and managing all communication procedures, and Client (is realized through the mobile application), which is used as a communication tool for users who are to be called, informed, and who are expected, for example, to give approvals.

For more information, go to the Maatrix website.

Maatrix & Reliance SCADA

Beginning with version 4.7.2, support for connecting to Maatrix for the purpose of notifying users of alarms/events is part of the Reliance system. This means that – for selected alarms/events – you can activate the option for running Maatrix when an alarm/event starts.

For information on how to put the service into operation (setting up Maatrix for Reliance), read this article (in Czech only). While creating and setting up the service, you can also choose an appropriate communication procedure (template).

In Reliance Design's Project Structure Manager, simply activate the Connect to Maatrix service option for a computer and enter the service ID and password. You can also select a script to be run once the service is completed:

Project Structure Manager, Reliance SCADA, Maatrix Tab

In the Device Manager, you only need to activate the Start Maatrix service option for an alarm/event. This will run the service when the alarm/event is generated:

Device Manager, Reliance SCADA, Start Maatrix Service

After project startup, communication with the Maatrix server is established and its availability is checked continuously (or its unavailability is announced). Once the alarm/event is generated, information on the alarm is passed to the server that activates the Maatrix application on users' phones:

Maatrix APP running on iPhone 5S

Reliance's alarm/event list allows you to look up information on starting the service and the result (e.g., the name of the person who handled the alarm):

Historical Alarms/Events, Reliance SCADA

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