Reliance OPC Server

June 1, 2011

From version 4.2.0

Reliance OPC Server is one of Reliance 4's modules. It allows for accessing visualization project tags through a standard OPC interface. As a result, it is possible to transfer data from a running Reliance 4 project to information systems used by the customer. For example, data may be transferred to a customer information system or another SCADA system. The only condition is that the other system must be an OPC client. Reliance OPC Server can even be used to interconnect two different Reliance projects or a project running in different Reliance versions (e.g., 3 and 4).

Key features:

  • OPC DA 3.0 support
  • Uses Web services to communicate with Reliance's data servers (Reliance 4 Server and Control Server)
  • Can run at the OPC client side without needing to use DCOM
  • Can run as a Windows service
  • Only allows access to selected tags from a visualization project
  • Includes a tool for configuring and managing the OPC server
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