Releasing of the Reliance SCADA/HMI system's versions

October 2, 2013 | Reliance SCADA

To name its versions, the Reliance system uses a sequence of numbers separated by periods: major.minor.release (e.g., Reliance 4.6.0). For a version's unique identification, also the revision number is sometimes used, i.e., major.minor.release.revision (e.g., Reliance The revision can also be shown separately, e.g., Reliance 4.6.0, Revision 19532.

Meaning of each given version number category

The major category specifies the main number of a Reliance version. Usually, major versions are released at an interval of several years. Upgrades to higher major versions are not free of charge.

The minor category is used to distinguish significant changes made to the Reliance system within a single major version. Minor versions are not released regularly. Upgrades between minor versions are free of charge.

The release category is used to distinguish official versions of Reliance. Such versions are released once every 2-3 months. Upgrades are free of charge.

The revision category specifies a unique identifier of the Reliance source code version (the so-called revision). It is used, for example, to distinguish two Pre-release versions.

A version can be supplemented with additional information. First, it can be the so-called update, which is a repair of a specific version, such as Reliance 4.5.2, Update 1. It can also be the so-called Pre-release version, such as 4.6.1 Pre-release. More information on Pre-release versions can be found further in the article.

About Reliance 4 Design

About Reliance 4 Design

Within a single Reliance build, all executable files and libraries (.EXE, .DLL, and .BPL) with the exception of third-party files are always of the same version (including the revision number).

Version release cycle

In each Reliance release cycle, there are two types of versions:

1. Pre-release version

The most current version of the Reliance system intended for customers. It is designed for testing new features that will be part of the next stable version. These versions are released about once every two weeks. They can be downloaded from the Mebers Section of the website (after logging in).

2. Stable version

This is a stable, thoroughly tested version intended to be installed in a production environment. Sometimes, it is also called an official version.

What to do to always have a current version of Reliance

In the Reliance Design development environment, there is an option allowing you to check for new versions of Reliance. If a newer version is available, it is offered for download (no more than once a day). You can also be notified of new Pre-release versions.

Update dialog box

Environment Options > Update dialog box

Information on new stable versions of Reliance is usually published in Latest News on the home page, on social networking sites (LinkedIn and Twitter), and on Facebook. You can also get information on new versions of Reliance when you register as a subscriber to Reliance News.

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