Native support for Oracle in Reliance SCADA

February 26, 2018 | Reliance SCADA

Beginning with version 4.8.0, native support for the Oracle database management system is part of the Reliance SCADA/HMI system. This support is based on the ODBC standard.

How to connect Reliance to Oracle


Oracle database configuration

  • Start configuring the database using the shortcut (see the image below):

    Oracle DB Icon
  • On the initial page, click Application Express:

    Oracle DB – Application Express

  • Log in to the database. The system user password was defined when the Oracle database was being installed:

    Oracle login

  • Create a new workspace. The user RELI_ORACLE is an administrator. The workspace is created after clicking Create Workspace:

    Oracle, Create Workspace

  • Log in to the workspace. Click on click here and then Login:

    Oracle, Workspace Login

ODBC driver configuration

  • Run the ODBC Data Source Administrator (32-bit). Switch to the System DSN page and click Add:

    ODBC Data Source Administrator

  • Select Devart ODBC Driver for Oracle and click Finish:

    Devart ODBC Driver for Oracle

  • In the Devart ODBC Driver for Oracle Configuration dialog, set up the connection parameters:

    Devart ODBC Driver for Oracle Configuration

Defining an SQL connection in a Reliance project

  • Open your project in the Reliance Design development environment.
  • Go to the Project Options dialog box (Project > Options > SQL) and add a new connection.
  • Click on the Edit Connection String button to open the Data Link Properties dialog.
  • On the Provider page, select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers:

    Data Link Properties

  • On the Connection page, specify the data source (RELIANCE_ORACLE) and enter your credentials. Click on the Test Connection button to verify the connection:

    Data Link Properties

  • Set the SQL connection's ODBC driver property to Oracle Devart:

    Project Options

You can now use this SQL connection in the visualization project.

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