Intelligent features for working with the source code of scripts

June 1, 2011

From version 4.1.5

In the script editor, there are commands designed to facilitate editing source code.

The commands operate on the selected block of source code and enable users to:

  • Easily insert the name of a project-defined object (e.g., device and tag), filename, color in VBScript format, etc.
  • Use advanced clipboard features (the Copy & Append, Cut & Append, and Duplicate commands)
  • Format and indent source code
  • Change the case of characters
  • Comment/uncomment source code
  • Easily surround source code with a structured statement (e.g., if ... then)
  • Search the Web for a selected text (using Google, Google NewsGroups, Google Code Search, Yahoo!, MSN, MSDN)
  • Use further commands (e.g., alphabetically sorting source code lines)



Script Manager – new features


Script Manager – new features


Script Manager – new features

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