Visualization and control of the automatic fuel dispense system at the premises of the Pardubice Transit Authority

The system is used to automatically dispense fuel using six nozzles attached to four fuel dispensers made by Adast Systems. Each vehicle of the Pardubice Transit Authority (PTA) is assigned a chip named DALLAS. Before refueling, drivers use a chip reader to identify themselves and a display panel to choose a nozzle that is to be used for the refueling. To check the chip's code and release the selected nozzle, the Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 control system is used. After the refueling operation is completed, a receipt printed with the refueling quantity (for non-fleet vehicles) can be issued and the system stores the refueling data in the processor memory. A database of up to 750 vehicle chip codes and 250 refueling operations can be stored in the SLC 5/03 memory. Of course, these parameters can be increased.

The operator's PC, which is equipped with the Reliance SCADA/HMI system, is used for managing the vehicle database and transferring it to the control processor, operating the refueling database and transferring it from the control processor, and logging this data to text files that serve as the basis for invoicing the pumped fuel. Reliance's databases allow the operator to simply create various filters and reports that are used to answer frequently asked questions from the PTA's divisions (or from other companies that use the gas station to refuel their vehicles) about the data from the dispensers. The Reliance SCADA/HMI system is also used to display the real-time status of the nozzles, block the nozzles, or block individual chips.

Example of a visualization window

Visualization of fuel states of the nozzles

Visualization of fuel states of the nozzles

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