Visualization and control of the process of pumping water from the wells S1, S2, and HV3 at the Kofola production plant in the town of Mnichovo Hradiste

The Kofola Group is one of the most significant producers of non-alcoholic beverages with seven production plants in four markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The Group employs about 2,000 people in total.

The product portfolio of the company includes the traditional, original-recipe cola beverage Kofola, the cola beverage Hoopcola popular in the Polish market, the Jupi and Paola lines of fruit beverages, syrups and concentrates, the Jupik and Jupik Aqua drinks for children, Rajec and Rajec Bylinka natural spring waters, Arctic, Top Topic and Vinea grape drinks, RC Cola – an American original and Chito Tonic.


Control system

In 2008, a new system for the visualization and control of the process of pumping water from the wells S1, S2, and HV3 was implemented at the Kofola production plant in Mnichovo Hradiste. To control the process itself (water pumping and distribution), three Teco programmable controllers were installed in the plant's industrial control cabinets. Each cabinet is equipped with graphic panels to locally control and monitor the water pumping process.

To centrally control and visualize the water pumping process, the Reliance SCADA/HMI system is used. For this purpose, an easy-to-use Reliance visualization application has been created. It allows the operator to display the entire process of water pumping and distribution. Also, the states of individual measured quantities and the states of individual process actuators can be displayed. The water pumping process is visualized and controlled by Reliance 4 Control installed on the operator's PC. It can be accessed over the corporate intranet using a Web-based interface, too. Communication between the PLCs and Reliance is provided via Ethernet. The project was implemented by the ELPRO Kolin company.

Examples of visualization windows

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Kofola's production plant in Krnov, Czechia