Visualization and control of the machine for the manufacture of abrasive products at the Karbosan company, Turkey

Karbosan is a Turkish company founded in Istanbul in 1967. It is considered to be the pioneer of the abrasive industry in Turkey. Since its foundation, Karbosan has been focusing on maximally satisfying the requirements of its customers. Thanks to close cooperation with the users of Karbosan cut-off and grinding discs, which are in everyday use, the company has long been successful in meeting this goal. This cooperation allows the company to flexibly develop new technologies applied to the production of abrasives. Karbosan, whose number of employees exceeds 450, is successful in supplying global demand for abrasive products.

Control system

To control the machine for the production of abrasives, the Reliance SCADA/HMI system was installed at the factory. Several well-arranged visualization screens enable the operator to monitor the production process and to set all important parameters. In addition, all important charts of the production process can be displayed. The Reliance system is installed on a computer connected to the LAN. To analyze production data, it is transferred via the local network to the Production Planning Department.

Examples of visualization windows

1. Visualization window with Reliance SCADA

2. Visualization window with Reliance SCADA

3. Visualization window with Reliance SCADA

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