Visualization and control of furniture-making production lines at the Ahrend company, Netherlands

Ahrend is a Dutch company that produces and sells well-thought-out office-furniture products in two different factories in the Netherlands. In these factories, Ahrend creates complete working environments, where quality, care, and attention to its products, people, and environment are at the forefront. Ahrend furniture offices and showrooms are found all over the world (e.g., in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Australia, and Czechia). At present, Ahrend has more than 1,250 employees worldwide.

Ahrend makes various furniture products for the following sectors:

  • The world of finance
  • Government
  • Services
  • Industry
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Schools, universities, and other educational institutions
  • Care & welfare
  • Call centers
  • Offices

The Ahrend production plant in the town of St. Oedenrode, Netherlands

The Ahrend production plant in the town of St. Oedenrode, Netherlands

Examples of visualization windows

The other visualization screen shows a heat exchanger. Cold ground water is pumped up from
a well deep underground. After being used by the heat exchanger, it is further used in the production process to cool the metal department. By using the pumped water for different goals, Ahrend saves half of the water needed every year.

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