Visualization and control of textile production processes at Rashid Textile Printing Industries in Pakistan

May 4, 2015 | Reliance SCADA

Rashid Textile Printing Industries (RTI) is a Pakistani firm focused on textile processing. It produces a wide range of fabrics for both ladies and gentlemen. Its textile factory is divided into many departments, such as printing or dyeing.

Before the installation of a new monitoring system, traditional methods of monitoring and record keeping had been used for the operation of the departments. The company management wanted a combined platform for monitoring all production machines and power generation and distribution.

Control system

To satisfy the client's needs, Alpha Engineering installed the Reliance SCADA/HMI system at the factory in 2014. It provides monitoring and logging of all machines' downtime, production, and efficiency as well as the power consumed through the power grid, generators, and solar plant. The system collects data from the machines and generates summary reports based on the collected data.

The Reliance SCADA system provides monitoring and control of the following:

  • Graphics-oriented operator screens displaying important information obtained from different types of end nodes over the Modbus protocol
  • Status, production, efficiency, and downtime figures of all production machines
  • Status and important electrical parameters of the power grid
  • Electrical parameters of the 5 gensets installed in the factory
  • Electrical parameters and power throttling of the 10 solar inverters installed in the factory
  • Real-time and historical trending of all the important parameters
  • Archiving of reports, alarms/events (linked with GSM-based alerts), and trends

Different types of reports can be generated. These reports provide information on each machine (production, efficiency, downtime) in an easy-to-understand manner.

Examples of visualization windows

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Attribution: Drying Wool by chany crystal is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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